Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures

From the top of the deck down to about where I think the stairs while and it over to dhotis I need a long level or level with a long stick once I know where the stairs will land i can install a landing for now we'll use some concrete blocks to temporarily support the stairs until permanent landing is constructed important to try to figure out exactly where the landscaping will come up it rises up a few inches.

over they are so figuring this block will be the height of the finished landscaping once i get an exact measurement to the landing i can calculate and cut mysteriousness going to cut the stringers to the stairs or do that I have to mark twelvemonth already established that are tread length is going to be inches somersetting this piece of wood the outside edge of the piece of wood on the inch mark of the framing square in our rise is seven and nine six teats.

start down at the bottom and end of the stairs and just work our way up now there's one last adjustment I have to make before cutting the striking this is our first step and like all the others it measures seven and nine sixteenths rise now if I cut it like this we'll have our decking sitting here for the tread that's where our foot goals but i have to adjust is cutting one inch off the bottom of the stringers now all i have to do is this is my original.

line slide this up until I have the inch mark right here I'm going to cut the bottom of the stringer right along that one inch mark this measures six and nine sixteenths when I put the tread on it'll be and exactly what we want I'm cutting the stringers I'll cut all the stairs in one direction first being careful not to over cut the inside corner and i'll cut all the stairs in the other direction finally I'll use a reciprocating saw.

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